‘‘Jaago grahak Jaago’, screamt the mad man. Nobody paid heed to him. He continued with his endeavour. All would hear him, none would listen.

Sujoy had been dealing with corrupt politicians, dirty cops, opprobrius insurance clerks and a lot more in his life. He had to give up his standard of living, his wife and children and his mental stability. His mind was infested by the lies and deceit of all the people.

Released from Indrani Mental Institution a week back, it wasn’t suggested that he walk the road. But no-one really looked after him. He was a stern conspiracy theorist. His only motto now was to make the world see the truth.

Since 7:42 am the man was railing with a dry throat, those vague three words. His aim was not just to wake up the consumers but also, in his chaotic manner make them take a stand.

A lone man traipsing through the town caught a glance of the mad bloke. Unaware of his intentions, he began staring at him. Sujoy looked at the trespasser and went near him. “ I will tell you a story, listen to every word, this world is corrupt and gory, don’t think that I’m absurd”, claimed Sujoy.

He broke into song, “the government is in on it, why are we just contemplating, they’ve lead you to believe there’s no confusion, great combination is all that exists.” The mellifluous verse faded and a story, began.

“I had just one son, and I couldn’t even save him. He was my everything. I love him till now”, said Sujoy with a tear rolling down his cheek. “ His mother died of the trauma, and left me here all alone.”

Another lone pedestrian halted, as her intuition peaked. She sat along with the man and was later accompanied by more people, inquisitive about his tale. The portrayal that he is just a mad man asking consumers to wake, was now demolished due to his fluency in English.

“My son Vikram was an architect. He was working the development of the building Mehr-Dad, financed by building giants Yoda builders. Now I know how they possess so much money. They buy cheap material and sell it for high prices. Quality is of no concern to these pricks. He passed away when the sixth floor collapsed,” Sujoy said as he stared at a disheartened crowd.

Unaware and uninterested in the quantity of the crowd he continued his morose tale. “Nobody could be blamed, nobody took a stand, I was the only one who suffered. This is what happenes when powerful politicians are involved with corrupt, money-crazed people. I tried, but, failed in my lone endeavour to bring down the government. I’m sorry, my son,” he screamt.

News spreads fast in this ‘incredible’ city. Cursing the government will not get you money, not at all.

Unafraid of the consequences, Sujoy continued his tale. He wasn’t going to stop for anyone.

Helicopters arose amidst the surprised influx of people. Cops were not taking this as a training drill. As the vehicles increased, his voice grew firmer, louder.

“AN EARTHQUAKE, they told me. Insurance is not covered by acts of God,” said Sujoy with a mocking tone. “I ran from place to place trying to get the insurance money, but I should have rather spent that time with him in the hospital.”

It was now 11:23 am. The cops proceeded towards the avenue where the mad man preached his twisted wisdom. The helicopters swarmed above, as a few cowards trached their parns with fear.

The story continued,” I have faced the monsters in a futile attempt. Remember my children, David vs Golaith is only a story.”

The cops were well-high the hungry conspiracy theorists. A ‘lathi’ charge procession was to follow. In a matter of hours, a lone man standing on the road was the breaking news of every news channel well, life!

The crazy mad man then howled,” through my life now I have gone through deep troubles and turmoils to find the truth.”

He then removed a piece of paper from his withered jacket.

“This paper can prove that my son did not die from an act of god. He was murdered by –“, said Sujoy with his mouth full of blood.

A bullet was shot by the cop and the raging crowd roared no more. They evacuated causing a stampede, with a seed of a new thought planted in their minds. But the one man who came first, could not quench his thirst. He strode towards the mad man. Thoughts rushing through his head,” was his son actually murdered?”. “Did this mad man stand and fight against the government?”. “Was the mad man’s story even true?”. But the most inmprtant question,” What was the secret on that piece of paper?”

The man slowly walked towards the ‘podium of conspiracies’. He noticed the dead man’s body, but chose to ignore it. The paper was more valuable. He picked it up and flipped it to discover the mad man’s lifelong , hard earned treasure.

He read out loud, with a confused look, Neighbours envy, owners pride.