Polaris kickstarts the Department of mass media festivals in Mumbai and is a much coveted one. This year Lit live! 360 @campus collaborated with them to hold a workshop on Writing Sonnets by Sampurna Chattarji and about 40 students registered and participated in the same.

LL! also organised a Book Swap for Polaris, where we went in with over 250 books (Akshara Library in Colaba gave us over 120 books), much to the delight of the students. This was a completely new idea and the thought of swapping a book had some of them waiting in queues already at the allotted time. Even though it was attended by students from visiting colleges, the majority came from the host college itself.

Some of the remarks passed about the event were –
“Good collection and I got two books that I have wanted for a long time” – Helena from Wilson college
“A very good experience, I found a lot of rare books worth reading” -Priyanka from KC college
“I picked up A.Sinha’s book and I can’t wait to start reading. I would love to come again and what I loved the most is the concept, the display and the variety of books.” –
Sweta Paluskar

The event was held on the 16th of July from 9.30am-1.30 pm and though it was initially planned to be held for just a day, it had to be extended by a day on popular demand.