Tata Literature Live! The Mumbai Litfest 2018 Bouquets


Neil MacGregor

I am writing to thank you most warmly for inviting me to be part of this year’s Mumbai Literary Festival — and to thank all the team, who worked so hard and so effectively to ensure that everything ran so smoothly.  From start to finish they were smiling, friendly and supremely efficient. The result for me — and for all the participants — was a very happy engagement with a Festival which is respected and envied around the world.

What makes the Mumbai Literary Festival so special?  It is of course the shaping and the planning, the inviting of many different sorts of people from all round the world, and then the presence of such an alert and interested audience, both at NCPA and at St Paul’s.  But it is more.  Most literary festivals are just that — literary festivals.  You have contrived to construct something much wider, engaging with cultural creativity in many different forms. Most important, I believe, is that you keep linking the questions of literature to the great problems — economic, political, philosophical and religious — which societies all around the world are trying to address.  Through debates and discussions with political figures and commentators, you show at the deepest level why literature matters in the life of every citizen.   That civic engagement with literature is what gives all the debates a profound relevance to the concerns of a wide and varied public, and it is what makes the Mumbai Lit-Fest unique.

For such an achievement,  I — and I know I can also speak for my fellow participants — am admiring and grateful.


Richa Kaul Padte

Thank you for inviting me to be part of this fabulous event.

I had the best time; it was such an honour to participate. I don’t think I could have managed without the amazing efforts of  the team  to make this happen for me. I am seriously so impressed and glad that such incredible steps towards accessibility were made. It makes such a difference.



Robert Winder

I am back in London now but just wanted to thank you for the expert support with the workshop. I must say I enjoyed it – and it was very nice to meet you all. I hope the week went well from your point of view; it was certainly good from mine.

It was a treat to be part of what felt to me an excellent festival. I hope the students at the workshop enjoyed it too.

Shobha De

Shobhaa De
Take a bow, all of you! I know how hard the team worked to make the 9thedition of the LitFest such a huge success! Here’s to the next and the next!
Mark Tully

I am writing to thank you and other members of the Literature Live Team for conferring the great honour of a Lifetime Achievement Award on me.

The festival was a very happy occasion for me and I was deeply touched by the generous reception I received from the audience. From the moment we arrived at the airport we were looked after so well by everyone. I must congratulate you on the wonderful way you ran the festival.  Gilly, Prue and Sam enjoyed the festival enormously and we were particularly happy that TM Krishna was able to speak and to perform after the trouble he faced in Delhi.

The silver salver now has pride of place in our small office in Nizamuddin.




Sagarika Ghosh

The Tata Lit Live in Mumbai is truly a wonderful Lit Fest and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It was fabulously curated and organised.

I was gratified at the fantastic response to my book, “Why I Am A Liberal” particularly from so many young people. Clearly there is a great hankering for individual freedom!!

The session between Karan and me was an utter pleasure–so many in the audience later told me how much they had loved it!

The arrangements were all perfect, and we were comfortable and well looked after. Many thanks again for a great fest in Mumbai



Robert Dessaix

Just a word to thank you for your warm support while I was at Tata Litlive last weekend – you gave the impression you really enjoyed what I did for the Mumbai audiences and thought it had been worth doing, and that made me feel very happy.  My contribution was just one amongst hundreds, I know that, but it’s encouraging to feel noticed and appreciated.  And that’s how you made me feel.  So thank you!  It was as memorable weekend!  I saw Mumbai in a new light.



Molly Crabapple

Thank you so much for having me at such a gorgeous festival, in one of my favorite cities of earth – I had the best time.  You take care of your authors so well, and the audiences/pairings/panelists were so damn smart and thoughtful.




Bhanu Dhamija

Participating in your festival was a wonderful experience and I thank you for the opportunity.

anur roy


Anuradha Roy

Before I left your city I wanted to thank you for having me at the festival — being at the function was very special and this award means a great deal to me. Plus the dinner was fun!

Warm regards and many thanks to you all and your  team of young people.


Ravi Agrawal

I’m back in the US now but I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed speaking at your lit fest. It was very well organized, and the sessions were thought-provoking and thoughtful. You must have gotten a lot of great feedback!


karan thapar


Karan Thapar

Thank you for a very enjoyable time in Bombay. Your people took fabulous care of me.



New Delhi, India - Nov. 10, 2015: Arun Shourie at his residence in New Delhi, India, on Tuesday, November 10, 2015. (Photo by Gurinder Osan/ )

Arun Shourie

Many thanks for asking me to come over for the Litfest. We had a wonderful session—my index always is: “How much did the audience laugh?” And they DID laugh—a lot!

Esha’s arrangements worked to the dot, and I am very grateful to her and her team.

Every good wish: Arun Shourie




Damian Irzyk

Congratulations for organising Tata Literature Live! 2018 with great success.. Your fine work and excellent planning resulted in an informative and smooth event. Thank you for inviting me and giving me an opportunity to participate. The debate was intereting, knowledgeable, , significant and substantial. I was very inspired. I look forward to many such events



Susannah Clapp

London, where we arrived back yesterday evening, has been ringing with praise of the Tata Literature Live! Festival.  Those days were rich in ideas and in fellowship. And so jolly too: wonderful to be whisked so effortlessly from one feast to another.  I think one test of a good Fest is the number of surprises it springs.

Something in the air prompted writers to be splendid.. I hope you are as happy as we were. Thank you for helping to make my first visit to India so glorious.